Fire at Chelsea Bridge Wharf

It is a great relief that no-one was apparently hurt in the fire at Oswald Building, Chelsea Bridge Wharf on 27th June 2018.  This is despite the fact that there is some flammable cladding in the effected building as reported by this blog last year. Rendall and Rittner, managing agents at Chelsea Bridge Wharf, still refuse to communicate openly with residents about this matter, and it is not at all clear who will bear the cost of the fire wardens who have been patrolling the effected buildings. Apparently there are no plans to remove the flammable cladding.  It seems that this fire could have had a much worse outcome and I hope that Rendall and Rittner will reflect on that and start behaving like a professional organisation. The residents deserve to have full information about the flammable cladding, what the strategy is for dealing with it, and who will pay.

I also not this coverage of the fire from the Daily Express – the comments below the article are from people who seem to believe that Chelsea Bridge Wharf is a council estate and on that (unwarranted) basis they assume that the occupants are immigrants and that the fire was started by them. The  racial hatred and xenophobia in the comments is quite astonishing.