Rendall and Rittner: damning feedback from residents – 32% satisfaction

Rendall and Rittner’s feedback on Facebook is embarrassingly awful, and is completely in line with the experience of the author of this blog. Rendall and Rittner get an average score of 1.6 out of 5. (32% satisfaction) based on 14 reviews. Familiar tales of appalling attitude and behaviour  to residents, zero communication skills and general incompetence.  Rendall and Rittner’s reviews on google  and Trustpilot show a very similar story. Incredibly, rather than acting on this feedback, it now seems Rendall and Rittner have taken to attacking those who post the feedback and accusing them of being fake accounts etc.!  This really is desperate stuff from Rendall and Rittner – all platforms have means to identify fake reviews so if these reviews were not genuine they would have been  taken down.   Are Rendall and Rittner claiming that their reviewers on facebook have also gone to elaborate lengths – set up accounts, included thousands of photos, hundred of friends, thousands of posts over many years – all so that they can post negative reviews about Rendall and Rittner!. Take the hint Rendall and Rittner – your level of service is a disgrace, you need to do something about it or make way for another company  – attacking those who tell the truth about their experiences of your ‘service’ will not help your case.