Grenfell Tower style cladding found at Chelsea Bridge Wharf – fire wardens costing £3,500 a day

UPDATE (Dec 2017): Although no information has been given to residents by Rendall and Rittner, it appears that a major programme of ‘risk management’ is taking place in the  blocks with the  flammable cladding. This includes 24/7 patrols by ‘fire wardens’ at a cost of £3,500 a day. While this cost is currently being paid by Berkeley Homes, it may be passed to residents at a later time. Residents have not been given any information about this potential huge bill coming their way. Residents are encouraged to contact Rendall & Rittner and demand an urgent update.

Original post (Sep 2017):
Following numerous enquiries from residents, Rendall And Rittner and Berkeley Homes  begrudgingly and belatedly commissioned an investigation to establish whether there was any cladding in Chelsea Bridge Wharf of the type which was used on Grenfell Tower (aluminium composite material) and which tragically led to the wholly avoidable deaths of an as yet unknown number of people.

The enquiry found that this cladding, which has been proven to be flammable, IS PRESENT on several blocks at Chelsea Bridge Wharf. Incredibly, Rendall and Rittner WILL NOT BE REMOVING this cladding.

It is not clear what proportion of the effected buildings are covered in the cladding and residents will no doubt be keen to know this as soon as possible. It may be that  these buildings are only partly covered by the flammable cladding, and so the situation is not the same as Grenfell Tower, nonetheless could you sleep easily knowing that the outside of your flat is clad in such potentially deadly materials?

See copy of the letter dated 4.9.17 below: