Berkeley Homes selling freehold at VISTA – could Chelsea Bridge Wharf be next?

Berkeley Homes contacted VISTA residents some time ago to inform them that they intended to sell the freehold. It is not clear what the value is but there are rumours of £10 million… Continue reading

Rendall and Rittner – 16 x contract inflation on cladding remediation and 27% commission?

An article in the Sunday Telegraph details claims that freeholders and managing agents, including Rendall and Rittner, are alleged to be making unjustifiable commissions and inflated quotes: One example given relates to… Continue reading

Rendall and Rittner Action Network

The Rendall and Rittner Action Network (RRAN) is a collaboration of residents in Rendall and Rittner managed developments, working together to share information and strategies in order to combat unreasonable service charges and… Continue reading

Rendall and Rittner ‘Late Payment’ charges rise by 277%

The author of this blog noted in early May 2021, while helping a resident with a query about service charges, that the Rendall and Rittner ‘late payment fee’ had mysteriously risen from £18… Continue reading

Advice to Warwick Building Residents (cores 1 to 3) regarding lease extensions

Dear Resident, This message is intended for leaseholders in Warwick building (cores 1 to 3 : flats 1 to 166 approximately). If you are a tenant you should not be concerned but please… Continue reading

Rendall and Rittner making 40% profit on leaseholders’ insurance premiums via offshore ‘captive company’

The Leasehold Knowledge Partnership has published the results of an in- depth investigation, in liaison with concerned leaseholders at Rendall and Rittner managed developments, which exposes how Rendall & Rittner, which is owned… Continue reading

Rendall and Rittner stand to make £20-40 million from contracts around cladding remedial work

An article in the Sunday Times on 21st March 2021 exposes how Rendall and Rittner stand to make tens of millions of pounds from contracts around cladding remedial work, some of which, it… Continue reading

Swedish Venture Capital Firm takes 75% share of Rendall and Rittner

It would seem that a Swedish venture capital firm has purchased 75% of R&R parent company, Rendall and Rittner Residential Management Ltd. The Swedish firm is called Fidelio and they have recently set up a  company called Wexford Bidco which has… Continue reading

1,900 residents petition Rendall and Rittner – still waiting for a meaningful response

Over 1,900 residents (at 28.8.21) from around 70 developments managed by Rendall and Rittner have signed a petition calling for change. As yet no meaningful response has been received from Rendall and Rittner.… Continue reading

Massive leak and blocked fire exit

On 11th December 2020 there was a massive leak into the parking area (P2) of Warwick Building which was left unattended for several hours and with only few pathetically small buckets to catch… Continue reading