Rendall and Rittner – 17.5% service charge increase

In April 2018, without resident consultation, collection of service charges for Warwick Building was transferred from L&Q housing association to Rendall & Rittner. The author of this blog has confirmed that service charges for Warwick Building have been hiked by 17.5% since Rendall & Rittner took over service charge collection, 4 months ago.  Yes that’s right 17.5%. In addition, billing has been late and deliberately complex and unclear (no amount is presented for monthly payments and one has to get one’s calculator out to work this out). Rendall and Rittner have started levying ‘late payment fees’ as well without explanation or justification. In short, this transfer of responsibilities to Rendall and Rittner , which was advised as being a benefit to residents, has predictably turned into a feeding frenzy for Rendall and Rittner – the fox is in charge of the hen house.

Documents to support all of the above will be published shortly and residents are organising a collective response. Please post here or private message me for further details.