Residents to be charged three-quarters of a million pounds + for new car park doors and entryphone

Yes that’s right.

The average cost per property will be £200-£400, varying by block.

See Rendall & Rittner’s presentation here but do take a large pinch of salt before reading Residents Meeting presentation March 2016

The service charges are already grossly inflated and there is no case whatsoever for these doors. Have there been numerous break-ins to the car park on P2? Have there been intruders to the building? Official statistics show that since CBW was built there has been one break into the car park and one attempted break in. The Community Safety Officer has advised that the existing doors are fit for purpose.

I think the key drivers (no pun intended) for this lavish expenditure are the owners of the Ferraris, Lamborghinis etc  who are terrified someone may damage or steal their expensive toys and are happy to spend any amount of money to prevent that. That is their choice but I personally think this is an outrage and reflects badly on Rendall and Rittner who will take a 2% fee on the contract (despite the fact that they are already paid handsomely in fees via the service charge).

If you feel you have better uses for your money please make you views known by emailing Rendall & Rittner:

This madness should be stopped.