Berkeley Homes, Rendall & Rittner and Mysterious delays in ‘Quarterly’ Residents’ Meeting

Rendall & Rittner, managing agents at Chelsea bridge Wharf, today informed residents that the ‘quarterly’ meeting would be on October 11th. This is very strange given that the last ‘quarterly’ meeting was 1st March, an interval of more than 7 months rather than a quarter. This is not unconnected with the fact that Berkeley Homes have constructed ,and continue to use, depots in Sopwith Way for the VISTA project, without planning permission or any consultation with residents.  Following resident complaints to the council, Berkeley Homes were served with an enforcement letter on 2nd August requiring them to close the  depots or to submit a retrospective planning application and to close the depots while this was considered. Residents requested an urgent meeting to discuss this which Rendall & Rittner refused without justification. A month later, and Berkeley Homes have yet to submit a planning application but continue to use the depots with heavy diesel-engined forklift vehicles,. complete with reversing sirens. This continues to cause great disturbance and annoyance to residents.

Clearly the idea is to delay the residents meeting for as long as possible so that Berkeley Homes have (so they hope) obtained  planning permission for the depots before the residents meeting  so that they can brush the whole affair under the carpet. Good luck with that : I think the residents may have other ideas.




Updated on 01/09/2016 12:14

Dear Resident, The quarterly resident meeting will take place on the 11th of October at 19:00-20:30 at the Pestana Hotel. Kind Regards, Mike Keam Estate Manager