Rendall and Rittner – 16 x contract inflation on cladding remediation and 27% commission?

An article in the Sunday Telegraph details claims that freeholders and managing agents, including Rendall and Rittner, are alleged to be making unjustifiable commissions and inflated quotes:

One example given relates to No 1 West India Quay in London which

“had two panels of Grenfell-style ACM (aluminium composite material) cladding. Initially, a contractor quoted £2,790 to remove them. The building’s managing agents, Rendall & Rittner, applied to the Government’s ACM fund to pay for the work – but for an amount 16 times higher than the first quote. In total the ACM remediation fund granted No 1 West India Quay £44,654 to replace the panels. Of this, £12,120 was a fee paid to Rendall & Rittner.”

The commission of £12,120 on a total remediation fund claim of £44,654 amounts to 27%!

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Rendall and Rittner said in June 2020 that they welcomed the launch of the Government’s £1 billion Building Safety Fund for cladding remediation – I think I understand why!