Rendall and Rittner Action Network

The Rendall and Rittner Action Network (RRAN) is a collaboration of residents in Rendall and Rittner managed developments, working together to share information and strategies in order to combat unreasonable service charges and poor service from Rendall and Rittner. Click the link below to be added to the contact list. 

Please join 2,100 residents at Rendall and Rittner managed developments, in telling Rendall and Rittner ‘Enough is Enough’

Residents demand an end to:

Unreasonable, drastic and unjustifiable rises in service charges, high management fees, and service charges that are considerably higher than other comparable developments, and yet with little to no evidence of quality maintenance or resident satisfaction, and with many developments reporting a state of neglect, deterioration and disrepair.

Failure to properly manage and maintain developments

Failure to produce within the required time period, when requested, invoices, receipts, evidence of tenders for work carried out and Capital Expenditure Plans etc.

Failure to provide facilities for residents to make copies of invoices, and a seemingly shambolic and substandard approach to its accounting

Lack of transparency with regard to accounts – specifically service charges, evidence of inconsistencies and confusing charges / ‘statements’, and a tendency towards apparent obfuscation in this regard

Failure to properly communicate, adequately respond to or take swift action regarding leaseholders’ and other residents’ complaints, often failing to follow its own complaints policy