Rendall and Rittner stand to make £20-40 million from contracts around cladding remedial work

An article in the Sunday Times on 21st March 2021 exposes how Rendall and Rittner stand to make tens of millions of pounds from contracts around cladding remedial work, some of which, it is alleged, may be wholly unnecessary. Rendall and Rittner charge 2 to 4% on contracts around removal of cladding and associated remedial work and the article estimates this would translate into £20 – 40 million for Rendall and Rittner on remedial works contracts across all developments they manage. 

The article (which is behind a paywall but you can read with a free Sunday Times trial subscription) illustrates numerous examples of works which are not required in order to meet fire safety requirements and which have been stopped following investigation and protests by residents. Therefore, if any remedial work is being proposed at your development make sure you understand why it is required and make sure to scrutinize and get a second opinion if you have concerns.