Rendall and Rittner ‘Late Payment’ charges rise by 277%

The author of this blog noted in early May 2021, while helping a resident with a query about service charges, that the Rendall and Rittner ‘late payment fee’ had mysteriously risen from £18 to £50. amounting to an increase of 277%. I raised this with Rendall and Rittner and initially had an unhelpful reply which did not actually give any meaningful information or rationale for the increases other than that Rendall and Rittner had increased their costs regarding late payments. I have pressed them further and asked for evidence of how they calculated their costs around late payments and how may such payments they have levied in the last 12 months at Chelsea Bridge Wharf.

The leases do allow for recovery of reasonable costs associated with late payment but I think it would be very hard to argue that this increase is reasonable and therefore, if challenged at tribunal, I think Rendall and Rittner would not have a strong case.

I am in touch with residents at other developments on this issue as clearly it is not just something effecting Chelsea Bridge Wharf. I am optimistic that Rendall and Rittner will see reason on this and reverse this massive and unjustified hike, but if not then I think it would be successful at tribunal. Please feel free to get in touch if you wish to discuss further.