Residents’ ‘satisfaction’ survey by Rendall & Rittner

The ludicrous ‘satisfaction survey’ closed on 18th October 2018 and Rendall and Rittner are refusing to give any date for releasing the results. The badly designed questionnaire, which  repeated many questions, actually failed to ask the most important one – ‘are you satisfied with Rendall and Rittner?’.  It also asked bizarre questions without context such as ‘would you like to make  one off payment of £1,500 for a lighting upgrade?’.

Neither was the survey  compliant with GDPR legislation around the handling of personal data. Perhaps most importantly, the survey was not carried out independently and so there is nothing at all, in theory,  to prevent  Rendall and Rittner tampering with the data or deleting unfavourable responses. However, residents have exchanged notes about their responses and they were overwhelmingly negative. So it is no wonder Rendall and Rittner are withholding the results. Will they have the courage to be honest or are they going to try and fiddle the data? Watch this space or contact Rendall and Rittner to demand they release the survey results ( ).