Rendall and Rittner fail to tell residents about two weeks of heavy drilling at Chelsea Bridge Wharf

On the 1st August heavy drilling works started in P2 car park. This apparently is to do with the replacement of expansion  joints and will last for 2 weeks.

The Rendall and Rittner ‘facilities manager’ Mr Jon Forester,  told residents that he did not need to let them know about the drilling but that ‘maybe’ he should have ‘posted something’ on the Rendall and Rittner website (which very few residents read in any case). Rendall and Rittner quite routinely leaflet residents on the most trivial matters but apparently not for things that  actually do matter. Today (1st August) in front of many residents and staff Mr Forester admitted that Rendall and Rittner were incompetent and that they failed to inform or consult residents but said that  it was not his fault as he was ‘only in charge in some senses’ .He also admitted that Rendall and Rittner had been too embarrassed to publish the findings of the ‘residents’ satisfaction survey’.

This ongoing contempt for residents, this incompetence and arrogance, accounts for Rendall and Rittner’s  damning ratings on all public platforms (Facebook, Google, Trustpilot and others).

Residents across developments in London are forming a network to exchange experiences and information and, where residents wish to, to replace Rendall and Rittner with professional managing agents who work for residents, rather than simply for the developer. Please visit @ChelseaBridgeWh and post or private message for further details.