Berkeley Homes – planning applications – Grosvenor Arch, Sopwith Way

These relate to the entrance to Grosvenor Arch Sopwith Way and one of the sets of stairs to Chelsea Bridge Wharf from Queenstown Road.

The deadline for comments and objections is 6th February 2017 . Neither Berkeley Homes, Battersea Power Station Development Company or the so called ‘Chelsea Bridge Wharf Residents Association’ ( a phantom organisation headed by Estate agent Charlie Garton-Jones)  to have informed or consulted residents on these. Rendall & Rittner have kindly informed the author of this blog about these planning applications, albeit a little late in the day. I hope that Rendall & Rittner will in future post all planning application effecting Chelsea Bridge Wharf on their website (Rendall & Rittner online).

The matters in these planning applications below are relatively minor (a proposal for hideous artwork at Grosvenor Arch and some modifications to stairs)  but some major applications (e.,g regarding the Sopwith Way Depots)  which should have been drawn to residents’ attention by the managing agent were not. Residents may feel this is because Rendall & Rittner are much more interested in making sure that their paymaster (Berkeley Homes) gets what it wants, rather than protecting the interests of residents. Anyway we can only hope that Rendall & Rittner tries to be a little less subservient to Berkeley Homes and a lot more responsive to residents.

Berkeley Homes and Battersea Power Station Development Company propose this at Grosvenor Arch , Sopwith Way:


Planning application 2016/7247 Footpath Under Grosvenor Bridges North East of Howard Building 368 Queenstown Road SW8


Planning application 2016/7252 Stairs South East of Chelsea Bridge Queenstown Road SW8

Erection of a temporary structure and improvements to the existing southern stair at Chelsea Bridge, for a period of 5 years.