Great News – Council orders closure of Sopwith Way depots!

Wandsworth Council have informed the author of this blog that they have ordered Berkeley Homes to close these depots by 11th November or face enforcement action. This decision follows a large number of written objections to the planning application from Berkeley Homes and several visits to residents by planning officers to assess the impact of the depots on them. Planning officers informed Berkeley Homes that they would not support their planning application and this made it very unlikely that the council would grant permission. In light of that, Berkeley Homes decided to withdraw their planning application.

The residents of flats facing Sopwith Way have endured more than 6 months of hell and are delighted that the Council has taken this matter seriously and that Berkeley Homes have at last realised that this cannot continue.

Thanks to all who helped in organising residents to oppose this outrageous  action by Berkeley Homes and those who signed the petition, contacted our councillors and our MP.
It does show that when we come together we can change things and we really do not have to put up with unreasonable behaviour from Berkeley Homes. I hope that they will in future consult with residents about any decision that effects the quality of our lives in this way.

I would also like to thank the the planning officers at Wandsworth Council for taking this matter seriously and making a fair and professional decision having evaluated all the evidence.

I must draw attention to the behaviour of the managing agents, Rendall & Rittner, in this matter. They have systematically ignored resident complaints about the depots, refused to circulate information about the planning application to residents and have even been so disingenuous, at  a  recent residents’ meeting, to deny that they were aware of the depots! They have also  closed the Rendall & Rittner online account of the author of this blog because  it was used to communicate with residents about he planning application. Rendall & Rittner are not acting in the residents’ interest – they are acting only in their own interests and those of Berkeley Homes. Residents are now also aware that they can expect no help or support from the so called ‘Chelsea Bridge Wharf Residents’ Association’,  a  phantom organisation, headed by an Estate Agent Charlie Garton-Jones who is not even a residents at Chelsea Bridge Wharf. This ‘residents association’, as far as I can tell, has no website and holds no meetings, yet claims to speak for the residents of Chelsea Bridge Wharf.

The residents need a real residents’ association, one that scrutinises the managing agents and stands up for residents’ interests with regard to Berkeley Homes, Rendall & Rittner or indeed any other organisation that takes liberties with residents at Chelsea Bridge Wharf.