4am refuse collections in Sopwith Way – Rendall & Rittner refuse to act

Yes, RTS Waste Management  are collecting from Sopwith Way at 4am in the morning!  The latest incidence being on 3rd October 2016. Karen Ann Gray from Rendall and Rittner, the highly unsatisfactory managing agent at Chelsea Bridge Wharf,  has dismissed resident complaints saying that there is nothing she can do about it and that if residents are unhappy they should take it to the ombudsman (which they are doing). In the meantime, if you are effected by this noise (in addition to all the other noise in Sopwith Way such as the Berkeley Homes depots which do not have planning permission, or the cement mixers etc rattling down to the Battersea Power Station site) please complain to Rendall and Rittner (CustomerFeedback@rendallandrittner.co.uk) and to RTS Waste Management (csfeedback@rtswaste.co.uk    020 7394 4086)


‘RTS waste management’ truck collecting in residential area at Chelsea Bridge Wharf (Sopwith Way London SW8) at 4.20am on 3rd October 2016. No wonder they hide the company name on the truck!