Latest News on Right to Manage at Chelsea Bridge Wharf

The head lesee of Warwick Building at CBW, London & Quadrant Housing Association, has apparently indicated that they are happy to appoint an alternative managing company chosen by residents (i.e. get rid of Peverel without RTM). A majority of residents from Warwick have signed a document initiating the Right to Manage process and there was a meeting (15th March 2012) with L&Q and residents of Warwick with representation from Peverel / Berkeley to discuss service charge hikes. Residents expect a response from L & Q soon clarifying their position re Right to Manage / change of management company without RTM

Leaseholders in Warwick Building invited to meeting to discuss service charge hike (15th March, 6pm)

Update: 22nd April and still no notes from L&Q re the meeting with Berkeley Homes, re service charge increases,  which took place on 15th March, more than 5 WEEKS AGO! Nice work L&Q; with you… Continue reading

QVC building to go – replaced with flats ‘reminiscent of a luxury motor yacht’: no affordable homes

Marco Polo House (QVC building) is to be demolished. A planning application has been submitted which would basically be yuppie flats of a crass and hideous kind, possibly even less appealing than the… Continue reading

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Whopping Service Charge increases for Warwick Building Residents

Once again, from April 2012, residents will be faced with massively above inflation service charge hikes. Sign the petition to Berkeley Homes, telling them what you think about massive service charge increases, year after year