Nightmare on Sopwith Way – courtesy of Berkeley Homes ‘considerate constructor’

Further to months of disruption from the Vista development, Berkeley Homes continues to make life a nightmare for Chelsea Bridge Wharf residents facing Sopwith Way and the railway. Berkeley Homes, in conjunction with Battersea… Continue reading

Rendall & Rittner hike the service charges by twice inflation rate

News! Rendall & Rittner hike the service charges by twice inflation rate. RPI 2%…service charge increase 4%. Still this may be an improvement – last year 2013/14 it was a 3x inflation increase.


The installation of FIBRE OPTIC BROADBAND with promised download speeds of up to 300MBs is complete for Warwick, Oswald, Howard, Horace, Eustace and Centurion buildings according to a letter from managing agent (Rendall and… Continue reading

Service charges at Chelsea Bridge Wharf to rise at THREE TIMES the rate of inflation

The author of this blog has just received service charge notification for 2014/15.  The increase works out to 6.33%. ! The current rate of inflation is 2%. It seems that Rendall and Rittner… Continue reading

Residents to be charged three-quarters of a million pounds + for new car park doors and entryphone

The service charges are already grossly inflated and there is no case whatsoever for these doors. Have there been numerous break-ins to the car park on P2? Have there been intruders to the building? Official statistics show that since CBW was but there has been one break into the car park ad one attempted break in. The Community Safety Officer has advised that the existing doors are fit for purpose.

Chelsea Bridge Wharf MP Jane Ellison supported bombing Syria

The MP representing  Chelsea Bridge Wharf  (Jane Ellison, Conservative, Battersea constituency) voted FOR military action (i.e. bombing) Syria, in the vote on Thursday 29th August 2013.  That is despite the fact that the… Continue reading

Boris launches redevelopment at Battersea Power Station – don’t mention affordable homes though – there aren’t any

  Topic: Local press not good enough for Boris & Co Forum Home Posted by: John Cameron Date/Time: 05/07/13 22:16:00 VIPs turn out for Battersea Power Station ceremony but Wandsworth Guardian not invited3:00pm… Continue reading

Berkeley Homes – the so called ‘considerate constructor’ goes back on its word yet again

Without any notice or consultation with residents, Berkeley Homes placed around half a dozen portacabins just a few feet from residents’ windows at the rear of Warwick Building, around summer 2011. Initially there was a ‘smoking area’… Continue reading

Warwick Building Residents Sack Consort/Peverel – new managing agents appointed

Warwick Building residents recently voted to appoint Rendall & Rittner to manage servicing of the block; only one person (from 39 votes received voted to stay with Consort/Peverel. The people have spoken! Goodbye Consort/Peverel – you will not be missed.

Warwick Building (L&Q) Residents’ Meeting : Monday 9th July 2012, 6.30 pm – 8.30 pm, Pestana Hotel

Dear Resident   Re: Warwick Resident Meeting   You are invited to attend the next Warwick Building Resident Meeting. We will discuss a range of issues including Consort as a Managing Agent and… Continue reading