Berkeley Homes fail to meet Council deadline for planning application

On the 2nd August , Berkeley Homes were informed by Wandsworth Council that they were operating the depots on Sopwith Way without planning permission and that they should desist form using them or submit a retrospective planning application within 28 Days. In fact Berkeley Homes, in characteristic arrogant fashion, have done neither of those things

Berkeley Homes continue to use Sopwith Way depots without planning permission

Saturday 20th August, 09:30 am. No mercy for the residents – despite lack of planning permission, Berkeley Homes continues to operate heavy diesel engined vehicles with reversing sirens in and out of depots, metres from residents’ flats.

Wandsworth Council finds Berkeley Homes in breech of planning law at Chelsea Bridge Wharf

Berkeley Homes have been notified by Wandsworth Council that the opening of depots on Sopwith Way is an unauthorised change of use (i.e. it does not have planning permission and so is in breech of planing law). The letter to Berkeley Homes, dated 2nd August 2016, requires Berkeley Homes to shut down the depots or to submit a retrospective planning application within 28 days

Rendall & Rittner refuse to reply to request for residents’ meeting

A request was made to Rendall and Rittner on 9th June 2016 for an urgent residents’ meeting to discuss the changes which Berkeley Homes have inflicted on Chelsea Bridge Wharf  residents without consultation (HGV access to Battersea Power… Continue reading

Lorries spreading ‘muck’ on Sopwith Way

Rendall & Rittner, managing agents at Chelsea Bridge Wharf,  informed Chelsea Bridge Wharf residents today that extremely noisy sweeper cleaner vehicles will be added to the daily cacophony on Sopwith Way. Apparently the HGVs which Berkeley Homes has allowed… Continue reading

Berkeley Homes breaks its word again as Sopwith Way becomes ratrun for Battersea Power Station trucks

Berkeley Homes have granted Battersea Power Station permission to use Sopwith Way for HGV access to the Battersea Power Station site up till November 2016. As usual there was no consultation whatsoever with residents, no assessment of… Continue reading

No Bank Holidays for Berkeley Homes

Even on a bank holiday there is no respite from Berkeley Homes. The lovely relaxing sound of reversing sirens from the VISTA construction depots on Sopwith Way are such sweet music to my ears!

please sign the petition to Berkeley Homes

Please sign the petition demanding that Berkeley Homes shows respect for Chelsea Bridge Wharf residents by closing the depots on Sopwith Way. Berkeley Homes continue to make life hell for residents in Sopwith Way.… Continue reading

13th May 2016 – Must see video of Berkeley Homes chaos on Sopwith Way

Berkeley Homes the err…’considerate constructor’ continues to create misery for residents on Sopwith Way. Berkeley Homes created ‘depots’ along Sopwith Way in May 2016, apparently to store materials for the Vista development. There was… Continue reading

Considerate Constructors’ Complaint? We don’t give a monkey’s!

I have not yet received an acknowledgement from Berkeley Homes regarding my complaint under the ‘Considerate Constructors’ scheme’. However it is quite clear that they are not bothered by the  massive nuisance that they… Continue reading