please sign the petition to Berkeley Homes

Please sign the petition demanding that Berkeley Homes shows respect for Chelsea Bridge Wharf residents by closing the depots on Sopwith Way. Berkeley Homes continue to make life hell for residents in Sopwith Way.… Continue reading

13th May 2016 – Must see video of Berkeley Homes chaos on Sopwith Way

Berkeley Homes the err…’considerate constructor’ continues to create misery for residents on Sopwith Way. Berkeley Homes created ‘depots’ along Sopwith Way in May 2016, apparently to store materials for the Vista development. There was… Continue reading

Considerate Constructors’ Complaint? We don’t give a monkey’s!

I have not yet received an acknowledgement from Berkeley Homes regarding my complaint under the ‘Considerate Constructors’ scheme’. However it is quite clear that they are not bothered by the  massive nuisance that they… Continue reading

Video: Berkeley Homes – Building Depots on Sopwith Way

Berkeley Homes has created several depots on Sopwith Way to store material for the Vista development. This means incessant noise from 8.00am to every week day as heavy diesel engined vehicles rumble to and from… Continue reading

Another day spoilt by Berkeley Homes and Network Rail

On a beautiful spring day like this, it would be nice to have the windows open. Unfortunately all day there have been HGVs constantly reversing down Sopwith Way with accompanying reversing sirens as well… Continue reading

Video: Sopwith Way – 26th April 2016

Berkeley Homes continues to show complete contempt for residents by using Sopwith Way for HGV and construction traffic to Vista development.

Sopwith Way – 8th April 2016 : see video

Sopwith Way – the nightmare continues….

Obstructed and threatened on Sopwith Way

Chelsea Bridge Wharf resident threatened and obstructed by contractors of Berkeley Homes

Sopwith Way – Massive Increase in Traffic and Worse to Come!

Following the decision of Berkeley Homes and Battersea Power Station Development Company to resurface Sopwith Way, remove the speed humps and open it up to all traffic there has been a massive increase in traffic along this narrow service road which runs within metres of many apartments at Chelsea Bridge Wharf. The traffic has come from HGVs waiting to access the Vista development site at the junction of Sopwith Way and Queenstown Road and from general traffic from the extremely busy Queenstown Road which are looking for a cut through to the Battersea Power Station site or for somewhere convenient to turn around to avoid going into the congestion charge zone.

Nightmare on Sopwith Way – courtesy of Berkeley Homes ‘considerate constructor’

Further to months of disruption from the Vista development, Berkeley Homes continues to make life a nightmare for Chelsea Bridge Wharf residents facing Sopwith Way and the railway. Berkeley Homes, in conjunction with Battersea… Continue reading