Chelsea Bridge Wharf Residents’ Association – still no account of income and expenditure

Despite several requests from residents over a period of many months, the Chelsea Bridge Wharf Residents’ Association still refuses to give an account of its income and expenditure. To the best of my knowledge such a summary has NEVER been shared with residents. While on the CBWRA committee, the author of this blog suggested that it would be good practice to provide such a summary of income and expenditure so that residents could be clear how their money was being spent but this was ignored. This issue has been raised several times since. In response, residents have been offered a screenshot of the CBWRA bank account in December 2021 which of course only tells us how much money there was in the CBWRA bank account at a particular point in time, and so is practically useless. Residents have also been referred to the annual company returns for the Chelsea Bridge Wharf Right to Manage Company (the CBWRA is for all practical purposes the same organisation as the Right to Manage Company) which tells us little more than the bank balance as at January 2021.

Residents therefore have no way to find out what the income of CBWRA is, where it comes from, how much has been spent or what it has been spent on, or indeed the number of members.

When residents raise such queries on the Chelsea Bridge Wharf app they are not infrequently met with responses from CBWRA which misrepresent honest questions as personal attacks ‘why are you picking on us etc etc’ or which seek to ridicule a perfectly sensible and important query (e.g. ‘this is a conspiracy theory’). These are tiresome distraction tactics, which in my opinion are designed to discourage residents from asking such questions, which (apparently) the CBWRA would prefer not to answer.

No suggestion is made of any impropriety by CBWRA/RTM and all legal obligations regarding accounts appear to have been adhered to. However, to my mind, the refusal to provide any information to residents about income and expenditure indicates a lack of respect for residents and for basic principles of transparency and democracy. It suggests perhaps that CBWRA shares the same philosophy as Rendall and Rittner i.e. give residents as little information as possible and hope that most are too busy to ask questions. I think residents deserve better than this.

Update: At the failed, inquorate, CBWRA AGM on 8th May, 2022, the Chair of CBWRA tried to close the meeting without giving any account of CBWRA finances. After objections from myself and a member of the committee a very short and unenlightening verbal summary lasting around a minute was given by another member of the committee (more on that when time allows).