Over 2,200 residents petition Rendall and Rittner and their parent company (Fidelio Capital) – still waiting for a meaningful response

Over 2,200 residents (at 15.3.22) from around 80 developments managed by Rendall and Rittner have signed a petition calling for change. As yet no meaningful response has been received from Rendall and Rittner or its parent company, Fidelio Capital.


Many petition signatories have also joined the Rendall and Rittner Action Network (click here to join)

Our key concerns are:

  • Significant failures, inaction, delays, insufficient communication and inadequacies in addressing the fire safety of developments
  • Rendall & Rittner’s failure to properly pursue and/or seek to recover costs from companies responsible (such as the developers/ freeholders/ other relevant parties) who are, or should be held accountable for, certain costs such as build defects, cladding and fire safety failures and investigations, interim measures and remedial works, with Rendall & Rittner instead passing on the costs to leaseholders.
  • Unreasonable, drastic and unjustifiable rises in service charges, high management fees, and service charges that are considerably higher than other comparable developments, and yet with little to no evidence of quality maintenance or resident satisfaction, and with many developments reporting a state of neglect, deterioration and disrepair.
  • Failure to properly manage and maintain developments
  • Failure to produce within the required time period, when requested, invoices, receipts, evidence of tenders for work carried out and Capital Expenditure Plans etc., failure to provide facilities for residents to make copies of invoices, and a seemingly shambolic and substandard approach to its accounting
  • Lack of transparency with regard to accounts – specifically service charges, evidence of inconsistencies and confusing charges/ ‘statements’, and a tendency towards apparent obfuscation in this regard
  • Failure to properly communicate, adequately respond to or take swift action regarding leaseholders’ and other residents’ complaints, often failing to follow its own complaints policy

The actions demanded are:

  • Work with the freeholders to make our developments safe and secure, and act now
  • Put an end to passing on costs to us that should not be ours to pay
  • Reduce the service charges so that they are fair and evidently justified and in line with those of other comparable developments
  • Exhibit complete transparency and clear best practice with regard to accounts and communications
  • Reduce your management fees until you have rebuilt trust with leaseholders and have shown us that you deserve the fees you are charging
  • Commit to a new and much improved way of managing whereby you take swift and comprehensive action as soon as an issue is raised, and rectify all issues promptly and within the  shortest possible timeframe
  • Accept responsibility for Rendall & Rittner’s failures, and compensate leaseholders where they have been negatively impacted as a result
  • Ensure no leaseholder is liable for any costs whatsoever due to failures / inactivity by Rendall & Rittner.

These are some of the developments from which residents have signed the petition (list will be updated shortly):

  • Beetham Tower (Birmingham)
  • Castlegate (Manchester)
  • Chelsea Bridge Wharf (London)
  • City North (London N4)
  • Discovery Dock East (London)
  • Discovery Dock West (London)
  • Kidbrooke Village (London)
  • Liverpool Docks
  • Millennium Quay (London)
  • One Stratford (London)
  • One Tower Bridge (London)
  • Parliament House (London)
  • Panoramic Tower (London E14)
  • Royal Arsenal Riverside (London)
  • Royal Artillery Quays (London)
  • Stanmore Place (London)

The following developments which signed the open letter are (thankfully) no longer managed by Rendall and Rittner

  • Bridges Wharf (Battersea, London)
  • New River Village (North London)
  • Vista Chelsea Bridge (Battersea, London)

Please sign and share the petition link  https://www.change.org/STOPRIPPINGUSOFF