Residents at ‘One Stratford’ development withholding service charges as protest against Rendall & Rittner


1 star: Bad

One Stratford: AVOID at all costs, investigate if you are stuck with them.

Rendall & Rittner manage a development in East London, One Stratford. Residents (~ 90) have come together to form a case versus Rendall & Rittner due to gross negligence with respect to cladding & financial management.

Factually speaking, they have:

– Failed to communicate hazardous, combustible materials to residents.
– Failed to rectify cladding safety.
– Made decisions at only financial benefit to themselves.
– Had a complete breakdown / lack of basic communications.
– Failed to properly vet and change suppliers as necessary.
– Failed to manage basic building requirements.
– Failed to provide a transparent breakdown of expenditure of service funds on request.

I would advise you to all ask questions of them now even if you feel nothing is currently wrong. I have had a property under their management for several years, quietly accepting everything was normal until another resident urged a closer inspection.