Rendall and Rittner – service charges for 2020 go up by 17% at Chelsea Bridge Wharf (30% increase over 2 years)

On 28th Feb I received the latest service charge demand from Rendall and Rittner. The quarterly service charge from 1 April 2020 (1 bedroom flat in Warwick building)  is £710.19  representing a 17% (seventeen per cent) increase on the previous year (£607.52).  The inflation rate during this period was just 1.4%.

Over two years (2018-20), my service charge has increased by 30% (from £546.34 to £710.19)

It is  clear that only a challenge at rent tribunal can stop this – please contact me if you wish to co-operate in such a challenge.

You can also contact Rendall and Rittner directly or and ask for an explanation of the 30% service charge increase over the last 2 years, request that monthly or quarterly statements are issued to residents  and demand that there should be no increase in the service charge in March 2021.

I hope you all manage to stay safe at this difficult time – I will be posting information re local resources and support in relation to COVID19 shortly.