Residents’ Satisfaction Survey: more dishonesty, excuses and obfuscation from Rendall and Rittner

More than a  year on from the closure of the residents’ satisfaction survey and residents have still not been given the results by Rendall and Rittner. At a residents’ meeting on 25th September 2019, Rendall and Rittner apologised and claimed that the delay was because of  a low response rate. But this makes no sense whatever. Once the survey closed (in October 2018) there could not have been any more responses and no further reminders were sent out so how does that explain waiting a year to publish the results? It doesn’t is the simple answer.

Even after a year, Rendall and Rittner have not presented results to residents but have simply given this ”summary’ in the meeting notes

• High scoring
o Concierge
o Parcel handling service
o Landscaping
o Cleaning
• Low scoring
o Service charge
o Car parking
o TV system
o Lifts
o Door entry
o R&R communication

Note no percentages, no N (number of respondents answering each question) and also note that about 70% of the questions in the questionnaire are not mentioned at all  (I will be posting a copy of the questionnaire here shortly). In short this pathetic selective unprofessional ‘summary’  is an insult to the intelligence of residents – the real reason why Rendall and Rittner will not publish the results in the normal way is that they are damning for Rendall and Rittner and they do not wish to acknowledge widespread anger at their appalling communication skills and massive annual service charge increases