Urgent – Have your say on planning application for Sopwith Way depots – deadline 13th October

Berkeley Homes received a letter from Wandsworth Council on 2nd August 2016 instructing them to shut the depots or to submit a planning application within 28 days. Berkeley Homes missed this deadline but did continue to use the depots and have now submitted a retrospective planning application (on 1st September 2016).

This comes after nearly 6 months of using these depots without planning permission causing a massive amount of nuisance and loss of quality of life for affected residents.

The application from Berkeley Homes can be read online on the Wandsworth Council planning website – planning reference 2016/5174
Or use this link

Comments about the application can be made on the online application or contact the relevant planning officer directly:
Mr Narinder Lakhan (nlakhan@wandsworth.gov.uk).

Residents are strongly urged to make their feelings known to the council as soon as possible (deadline 13th October) and to give a detailed account of how the reckless and inconsiderate behaviour of Berkeley Homes has impacted their quality of life and the value of their property.