Lorries spreading ‘muck’ on Sopwith Way

Rendall & Rittner, managing agents at Chelsea Bridge Wharf,  informed Chelsea Bridge Wharf residents today that extremely noisy sweeper cleaner vehicles will be added to the daily cacophony on Sopwith Way. Apparently the HGVs which Berkeley Homes has allowed to use Sopwith Way are dropping so much material onto the road as they thunder up and down Sopwith Way that daily cleaning is needed to remove the ‘muck’ from the surface, as Rendall and Rittner describe it. Rendall & Rittner also helpfully re-sent residents a ”newsletter” stressing the supposed benefits of the ‘Circus West’ development behind Grosvenor Arch  (as if we are in need of more  cafes and restaurants around here).  They have time to send residents propaganda on behalf of Battersea Power Station Construction Company but apparently don’t have time to consult them before turning their development into a construction site.