Berkeley Homes breaks its word again as Sopwith Way becomes ratrun for Battersea Power Station trucks

Berkeley Homes have granted Battersea Power Station permission to use Sopwith Way for HGV access to the Battersea Power Station site up till November 2016. As usual there was no consultation whatsoever with residents, no assessment of the impact of the traffic on residents and no monitoring of the traffic (which is  high volume and speeding at 30-40 mph ignoring the speed limit of 5 mph). Not only does this show complete disrespect for residents but also that Berkeley Homes cannot be trusted since they had given assurances to residents that Sopwith Way would not be used for  construction traffic to the Battersea Power Station site. This absurd decision by Berkeley’s come in the wake of the decision to use Sopwith Way for depots to serve the VISTA development, where again there was no consultation whatsoever. Residents should complain to  (Berkeley Homes) or to Kate Robinson  (Battersea Power Station Development Company) or contact your councillors, the planning department at Wandsworth Borough Council or your MP (Jane Ellis).