QVC building to go – replaced with flats ‘reminiscent of a luxury motor yacht’: no affordable homes

Marco Polo House (QVC building) is to be demolished. A planning application has been submitted which would basically be yuppie flats of a crass and hideous kind, possibly even less appealing than the carbuncle which they would replace.

The planning application is for:

”Demolition of existing building. Erection of two new buildings of up to 17 storeys (53.5m AOD) and 15 storeys (47.5m AOD) high to provide 456 residential units and 1,257 sq.m. of commercial floor area comprising of office (B1 & A2), retail (A1) and cafe/restaurant (A3) uses, together with new pedestrian link and vehicular access, basement car and cycle parking, landscaping, excavation works and servicing. An Environmental Statement has been submitted with the planning application under the Town and Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) (England and Wales) Regulations 1999”.

You can check the status of the application by entering the planning application reference 2011/2089 into Wandsworth Council’s planning application database Current status shows as ‘registered’.

However the local paper reports that planning permission has been granted

Link below shows artist’s impressions of new proposed development

The estate agent Garton Jones (whose staff can be seen smoking outside their office at CBW most days of the week, making the place look untidy) enthuses that the new flats are ‘reminiscent of a luxury motor yacht’. Wow how lovely; how tasteful; just what we need.

The council are unable to say what proportion of homes  on the new site would be ‘affordable’ so that would be none then. Good news for estate agents and bankers – bad news for local people in need of a home at a reasonable price.

I do recall some perfunctory consultation letters about this and I asked for details about whether the proposal would include affordable homes; I received a non-committal reply.

As usual it is largely either a done deal with the Council or not – most people are too busy to take an active part and the Council will basically let developers do what they want.

See also the site of the former PR agency for the developer Green Issues are no longer working on this project apparently which is being developed by whose website is so ‘sophisticated’ as to be useless. Still if you can figure out how to contact them you may wish to do so, to ask for the latest information regarding the planning application and the issue of affordable homes.