Latest News on Right to Manage at Chelsea Bridge Wharf

Warwick Building

The head lesee (or superior lesee) of Warwick Building at CBW, London & Quadrant Housing Association, has apparently indicated that they are happy to appoint an alternative managing company chosen by residents (i.e. get rid of Peverel without RTM). A majority of residents from Warwick have signed a document initiating the Right to Manage process but it seems that L & Q have simply been sitting on this for nearly a year. There was a meeting (15th March 2012) with L&Q and residents of Warwick with representation from Peverel / Berkeley to discuss service charge hikes. Residents expect a response from L & Q soon clarifying their position re Right to Manage / change of management company without RTM. The residents of Warwick Building are quite angry about the huge service charge increases every year and there is strong support for change.

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Extract: Chelsea Bridge Wharf, the largest riverside scheme in central London, which sits beside Battersea Power Station, is in the midst a costly Right To Manage struggle with Vincent Tchenguiz – until last March Peverel’s owner.

Having lost at the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal, Tchenguiz has appealed to the Land Tribunal, which will rule imminently on whether the appeal is permissible.

There are nine separate buildings at Chelsea Bridge Wharf, plus a hotel.  Five of these – Howard, Centurion, Eustace, Oswald and Horace – that make up more than 600 units of the 1050-unit site voted to dump Peverel and opt for RTM.

Ending your landlord’s monopoly enables you to achieve improved standards at reduced cost and guarantees continuing value for the service charges you pay. As long as at least half of all leaseholders in a block agree to proceed the landlord cannot prevent the process. It is not necessary to prove fault by the landlord or its managing agent. It is not necessary to go to court or a tribunal and it is not necessary to pay your landlord compensation. It is leaseholders absolute right introduced by the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002.

Several blocks at Chelsea Bridge Wharf have already started this process.