12th August – 6.30pm : The residents’ meeting with no interaction

Rendall and Rittner have decided to hold the twice yearly so called ‘residents’ meeting’ purely online.  A justifiable decision perhaps, due to COVID19 but what is not  justifiable is making the meeting ‘broadcast only’ – i.e. residents cannot ask questions or comments on the proceedings unless  they submit questions at least two days in advance (by 10th August). We do not know which of those pre-submitted questions will be addressed or why. I think it’s a safe bet that the difficult ones will be left out.

The meeting was only advertised in the R&R online platform online so anyone who is not registered with the online platform will not be aware of the meeting.

The link to the meeting is here


or you can use the crazy version as supplied by Rendall and Rittner


Residents are encouraged to join the meeting and if you find that your questions have not been addressed then please submit them by email to

Jenniffer Mann  jenniffer.mann@rendallandrittner.co.uk

and if still not answered after 7 days then I suggest submitting a formal complaint.

Rendall and Rittner only ”meet” with residents twice a year and there is usually less than hour for residents’ questions. Under cover of COVID19 they are now reducing meaningful contact time to zero. We should not stand for this.

Let’s hope we get an explanation for the 30% service charge increase over the last two years and clarity on the way forward on fire safety / cladding.