Routine speeding and dangerous driving on Sopwith Way

Routine speeding on Sopwith Way. The 5mph speed limit is ignored due to lack of any serious traffic calming or speed limit enforcement by the managing agents (Rendall & Rittner) and the Developer (Berkeley Homes) at Chelsea Bridge Wharf From this one video lasting about 30 mins, (Date 29.9.17 Start time 20:24) I noted the following ‘lowlights’ (in a 5mph zone): 1:03 Motorbike doing approx. 50mph 1:24 Car doing approx. 20-25mph 1:45 Pedestrian in street 3:28 Car appx 25mph 3:37 Car appx 20 mph 4:48 Car 25mph 5:32 Car 20mph 10:30 Pedestrian in street 11:50 Car 25-30 mph 12:06 Pedestrian in street with torch 13:07 Car doing 20 mph approx 16:19 Motorbike doing 40 mph approx 17:15 Ocado van doing 30 mph approx 19:14 Pedestrian in street 20:25 Joggers in street 21:14 Pedestrian in street 21:26 Car doing 30mph approx 23:00 Van doing 30 mph 23:26 Car doing 20 mph appx 25:32 Car doing 20 mph appx 25:37 Motorbike doing 40 mph approx 26:19 Car doing 20 mph appx 27:35 Due to volume of road use, and ‘pinch point’ traffic is having to pull in right up to the edge of the building 28:45 GUTSI ‘executive transfer’ (contractor of Batter sea Power Station Development Company) Minibus doing 15 mph 29:12 Cyclists in street 29:20 Car doing 25 mph approx