Bad News for Residents – Council Planning Department to recommend acceptance of revised Berkeley Homes application for use of Sopwith Way arches

A letter posted on the Wandsworth Borough Council planning website

states that planning officers will recommend to the planning committee that Berkeley Homes be allowed to use two of the arches in Sopwith Way (those nearest VISTA) for office space.

This decision was apparently made within 24 hours of the end of the period for comments and objections on the revised Berkeley Homes’ application which is in effect their THIRD application for the use of the Sopwith Way arches, each one of which has been opposed in the strongest terms by residents on the grounds of noise, vibration, loss of privacy and the generally unprofessional and inconsiderate behaviour of Berkeley Homes. The fact that the decision to recommend the application be accepted was made so soon after comments and objections were closed suggests that the views of residents were not taken seriously and that the decision may have been made some time ago.  Perhaps Berkeley Homes has been exerting a great deal of pressure on the council  regarding this application, as they have been know to do in other instances.

The council has not yet granted the application but the matter will be heard  at the Planning Applications Committee meeting on the 22nd  of June at 7.30pm at Wandsworth Town Hall. As planning officers will recommend to the committee that the application be approved it is very likely that it will  be accepted. Residents can attend the meeting but will not be allowed to speak.!

If the application is approved it will mean up to two years of increased noise and disruption for residents in flats facing Sopwith Way who have already suffered year after year of ridiculous levels of construction traffic noise. It is very likely also that, if granted the use of the two arches, before long Berkeley Homes will seek to have use of all the other arches along Sopwith Way.

What can you do?

Contact your councillors and the MP for Battersea and let them know your views.

Complain directly to Berkeley Homes