Rendall & Rittner – no plans to consult residents on real issues at Chelsea Bridge Wharf

At a meeting this evening (9th March), supposedly to discuss ”The Community Plan” for Chelsea Bridge Wharf and Vista, Rendall & Riitner confirmed that they had no plans to consult residents about either the issues effecting residents or their satisfaction with Rendall & Rittner.

Rendall & Rittner have found time however to send out a childish, superficial, extremely poorly designed survey about ”community feel” which carefully avoided any real questions such as ‘what are the things that need improving at Chelsea Bridge Wharf’?, ”Are you satisfied with the performance of Rendall and Rittner ?”, ”Do you feel that the service charge is good value for money?” etc.

The Rendall & Rittner survey on ”Community Feel” had 51 responses out of approximately 1100 properties at Chelsea Bridge Wharf – i.e. response rate of less than 5%. Not surprising given how irrelevant and unprofessional it was.

Of course, if Rendall & Rittner were to ask such real questions they would get real answers and then they would have to do something to address them. Instead, they wish to engage in a superficial PR stunt called a”community plan’ which has already been near finalised by Rendall & Rittner without any resident input.

While Rendall & Rittner refuse to ask residents meaningful questions, they have apparently got the time and money to send round ANOTHER survey about the ”Community Plan”. I predict that this will be met with an even lower response than the first one, of that is possible.

So, dear Resident, when you see this survey about the ‘Community Plan” in a few months’ time, remember that this is a meaningless piece of PR, not based on any genuine or professional consultation with residents and it is designed to distract you from the fact that Rendall & Rittner have not consulted with residents in the whole time that hey have been managing agents at Chelsea Bridge Wharf. I think one can only conclude that that is because they are frightened of the answers they would get if they did some real consultation. Answers like these perhaps (See Google reviews for Rendall and Rittner),+Portsoken+House,+155-157+Minories,+London+EC3N+1LJ,+UK/@51.513416,-0.076175,17z/data=!4m6!1m3!8m2!2s105163984365682628259!4sChIJxXs79y8DdkgRC8uOkSpjBa4!3m1!1s0x4876032ff73b7bc5:0xae05632a918ecb0b