Video: Berkeley Homes – Building Depots on Sopwith Way

Berkeley Homes has created several depots on Sopwith Way to store material for the Vista development. This means incessant noise from 8.00am to every week day as heavy diesel engined vehicles rumble to and from the depot with reversing sirens at full volume.

No consultation, information, nor any assessment of the nuisance to residents. In short, the typical behaviour of this arrogant organisation.

A complaint has been lodged with the considerate constructors scheme on the 6th May 2016  which refers to this latest insult to residents and includes a number of related matters. Not only have Berkeley Homes broken their word not to use Sopwith Way for HGV traffic to Vista, they have now decided to  use it as a depot for Vista building materials!

if you have lived in a property facing Sopwith Way for any length of time you will be aware that this is only the latest incident of Berkeley Homes showing contempt for residents.

If you are unhappy about the noise from vehicles using his depot, which is likely to last until the completion of  Vista development in 2017 or perhaps beyond, please do one of the following:

If you do not receive a response from Berkeley Homes then make a complaint to the considerate constructors scheme of which Berkeley Homes is (laughably) a member

You may also post your comments on this page or message me privately.

Residents will also have noted that work on Vista is regularly continuing over the weekend, with noisy hammering and drilling even on Sunday morning. This is not allowed by Wandsworth Borough Council without a special permit.

Let’s not stand for this! – the residents of Chelsea Bridge Wharf have put up with enough noise and disruption over many years. It is time for Berkeley Homes to show some respect for residents and behave like a professional, ethical developer rather than a bunch of greedy cowboys.