Nightmare on Sopwith Way – courtesy of Berkeley Homes ‘considerate constructor’

Further to months of disruption from the Vista development, Berkeley Homes continues to make life a nightmare for Chelsea Bridge Wharf residents facing Sopwith Way and the railway. Berkeley Homes, in conjunction with Battersea Power Station Development Company, decided some months ago to connect Sopwith Way to the Battersea Power Station site, leading to a major programme of heavy construction works and associated noise and inconvenience for residents. When the works are completed there will be a massive increase in traffic along this small service road including 3 buses an hour (8am to 10pm) connecting to the Battersea Power station site and a taxi rank. Neither Berkeley Homes nor Battersea Power Station Development Company have consulted with residents about this development nor do they see fit to give notice of dates and times of heavy noise or disruption. The deadline for the completion is continually extended (the works are currently overrunning by seven weeks) and the latest promised completion date is 25th September. Watch this space. Removal of the speed ramps on Sopwith Way has made it a perfect test track for the local boy racers with ‘high performance’ cars, already a major source of annoyance and complaints from residents at Chelsea Bridge Wharf. Despite all this Berkeley Homes calls itself a ‘considerate constructor’. I can only assume that this status is a meaningless badge which any developer or constructor can obtain. Video and photos to follow.