The installation of FIBRE OPTIC BROADBAND with promised download speeds of up to 300MBs is complete for Warwick, Oswald, Howard, Horace, Eustace and Centurion buildings according to a letter from managing agent (Rendall and Rittner) on 10th March.

You still need an internet service provider to complete your ‘fibre to the premises’ deal and there will of course be a charge.

The author of this blog is with plusnet and they are offering ‘fibre to the premises’ as a trial service. The more of us who request it, the more likely they will offer it at Chelsea Bridge Wharf.

Contrary to the information in the Rendall and Rittner letter, you should not phone Plusnet but instead use this link to register your interest.

I have been told that likely cost would be £19 a month extra on top of your existing package (see info below). Note that the top speed Plusnet are talking about is 76MBps but that would be plenty for most people!  A typical ordinarybroadband connection is just 4MBps so fibre to the premises via Plusnet could be nearly 20x faster.
The following products and options are available for the FTTP trial:

Plusnet Essentials Fibre up to 38Mbps – £15.99 per month

Setup charge – free
Speed – up to 38Mbps down, up to 9.5Mbps up
Contract – no change to your existing contract period
Usage – 40GB (between 8am and midnight), unlimited overnight (midnight to 8am)
Router – free 3 port wireless

This product is the same as our FTTC Essentials Fibre product only with FTTP.

Plusnet Unlimited Fibre up to 76Mbps – £19.99 per month

Setup charge – free
Speed – up to 76Mbps down, up to 19.5Mbps up
Contract – no change to your existing contract period
Usage – Unlimited
Router – free 3 port wireless

See for more info (if you can manage to get susbscribed to their website – I have tried without success – still waiting for my confirmation email but that’s the kind of thing I expect from Rendall and Rittner.