Chelsea Bridge Wharf MP Jane Ellison supported bombing Syria

The MP representing  Chelsea Bridge Wharf  (Jane Ellison, Conservative, Battersea constituency) voted FOR military action (i.e. bombing) Syria, in the vote on Thursday 29th August 2013.  That is despite the fact that the UN weapns inspectors had not at that time even completed their investigation and that there is clearly a long standing programme in Washington to ‘regime-change’ Syria for political reasons (i.e. Assad is a friend of Iran).

Luckily there were enough people of principle and backbone to prevent the government’s motion on Syria being adopted but clearly Jane Ellison was happy for the UK government and its allies to reign bombs on the Syrian people in order to keep Washington happy and to repeat the ‘war based on lies’ scenario played out in Iraq.

Consider that when you decide who to vote for at the next election.