Chelsea Bridge Wharf Residents’ Association – 2022 elections for Chair

On 24th December 2021, I submitted my manifesto for the election of CBWRA Chair. At the time of publishing this post (13.1.22), candidates’ manifestos have still not been circulated to residents and it is not clear why. In theory, the outcome of the Chair elections should be declared by January 29th (the date on which it was declared in 2021) but given that residents need a period to consider manifestos and that there is supposed to be a ‘question time’ event for candidates and that the ballot should be open for at least a week, and time allowed for checking and announcing the outcome, it seems that it would now be impossible to declare a result by January 29th. At the very least, in order to be fair to all candidates, I believe a time frame for the key events in the Chair elections should have been published in late December or early January.

The CBW app official account has private messaged some people who are supporting my candidacy, claiming that the RA is unhappy about service charge increases and the level of service from Rendall and Rittner and stating that the CBWRA are committed to ‘Right to Manage’. However, in public the CBWRA are still stating that Right to Manage cannot be taken forward until there is a change in the law, which is likely to be several years away. I have not noted noted a great deal of public criticism by the CBWRA of service charge increases or the level of service from Rendall and Rittner. In short, the use of the CBW app should be strictly neutral in the Chair elections and should not be used for pushing any policy of the CBWRA or anyone else.

As per the meeting I organised on 9 December 2021, and the expert advice received, there are no serious obstacles to taking forward Right to Manage for CBW and I believe Chelsea Bridge Wharf residents can and should take this forward in 2022, especially in view of increasing service charges and the widespread resident dissatisfaction with Rendall and Rittner.

I hope CBWRA will send residents the candidates’ manifestos for the Chair elections and a timeframe for the key events in the election process as soon as possible by so that they can have confidence in the electoral process and view the outcome as legitimate.

I understand there will NOT be elections for any of the Director posts in the Right to Manage organisation, despite the fact that Directors can and do make spending decisions with regard to resident funds and in my opinion they lead or influence policy on key issues,

Mike O’Driscoll 13.1.21